What is Longeviti Health

What is Longeviti Health

Our robust suite of services and our ability to optimize the patient-physician relationship uniquely positions us among our peers and, unlike traditional concierge “fee-for-access” programs, we provide a variety of services at different price points so that patients can select the program options that best fulfill their needs.

Employer Benefits

Here is just some of what you can expect when you enroll in Longeviti’s Employee Health and Wellness Programs.


24/7/365 access to quality medical care, regardless of where employees work or their travel schedule.


A quality healthcare option during nights, weekends and holidays, and for employees living in rural areas with limited access to care.


An affordable and effective alternative to unnecessary urgent care and ER visits for non-emergency care.


Employees can talk to a doctor from anywhere, even while at work, reducing their time away from the office.


Employees will enjoy an entire suite of additional healthcare services that will help them reduce other healthcare costs, increase benefits, access tools to monitor their health and keep track of improvements and changes.


Employees will enjoy 24/7 access to quality care, and you will love the money saved by offering additional services such as telemedicine.

Value of Longeviti Health

Value of Longeviti Health

Studies show that Personalized Care Programs not only provide an improved healthcare experience for patients, but improved health outcomes as well

  • Directed Management of Chronic Diseases
  • Reduced Hospital Stays and Expenditures
  • Identification of Risk Factors for Disease
  • Unsurpassed Physician-Patient Relationships
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Recruitment and Enrollment

Recruitment and Enrollment

The process of setting up a Longeviti Employee Health Program for your company is quite simple. After you’ve connected with our team, Longeviti will enroll your company into our Employee Health and Wellness Program.

Once enrolled, simply submit a list of employees who are eligible for this new health benefit and we’ll help you distribute welcome communications that explain the program to those eligible employees.

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