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Studies show that Personalized Care Programs not only provide an improved healthcare experience for patients but may improve health outcomes as well.

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The Future of Healthcare Could Be in Concierge Medicine

Kurt Mosley was speaking to a group of physicians when the subject of concierge medicine came up. He asked one of the doctors what they charge their patients for this type of guaranteed care.

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How concierge medicine and hospital medical groups can align

Over the past five years, the nation’s hospitals and health systems have been on a buying spree.
Their target: physician practices. A report from the Physicians Advocacy Institute shows that nearly four of 10 physicians are
now employed by, and one out of four practices owned by, a hospital system.

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How Concierge Care for Low-Income Seniors Can Improve Outcomes and Reduce Costs

We have found that investments up front—such as courtesy services, drop-in visits, and smaller patient panels—increase patient access to primary care. With this concierge-style model, doctors are able to spend a remarkable amount of time with each patient.

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Should You Pay the Price for a Concierge Doctor?

Concierge medicine lets you see the doc when you want to in exchange for a regular, ongoing fee. Here’s how to figure out if the costs make sense for you.

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Everyone Should Have A Concierge Doctor

Have you ever wondered why you doctor doesn’t talk to you by phone? Lawyers, accountants, engineers and just about every other professional you can think of discovered that phones are a handy way of communicating with clients almost a century ago.

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The Case for Concierge Medicine

Physicians go into medicine because they want to make a difference, and it is the daily opportunity to help patients that keeps many of them going. Yet today many worry that their contribution is diminishing, and more and more physicians are reporting burnout.

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