May 13, 2019 • Longeviti

You Have Questions? Tips on Making the Most of Your Time with Your Longeviti Health Physician

It’s About Time

Before joining Longeviti Health, your physician was often so rushed that your office visits were as little as 10 minutes in duration, limiting your time together to the specific complaint that brought you in and nothing more.

For Longeviti Health members, “drive-by” office visits are a thing of the past. Now you and your doctor have as much time as required to work together proactively on all aspects of your health and wellness with a greater emphasis on enhancing your current wellbeing and preventing future illness.


It’s easy to lose focus in discussion with your doctor when that discussion ranges broadly over the varied aspects of your life that bear on your health. You can easily find yourself going off on a tangent or the doctor choosing to focus on something specific you said, only for you to remember all of those “important” issues you meant to bring up after you’ve left the office.

  • If you do have specific issues you want to address with your doctor, you’ll be much more likely to get the most from your time together if you put together a list of the three or four you most care about and make sure to take them up with your doctor at the beginning of your next visit.

If you are ill, you will likely have a large number of questions regarding your condition, prognosis, and treatment. Moreover, a large percentage of them are also likely to be forgotten while amid an examination. Here is a list you can bring into the exam room that covers the basics:

 I’m Sick

  • Are you able to give me an exact diagnosis?
  • What is the cause?
  • How long will I be sick?
  • How long before I’ll see improvement?
  • How often should we be communicating?
  • What if I get worse or fail to improve? 

You’re Sending Me for Tests

  • What is the purpose of this test(s)?
  • What are you hoping to learn or confirm?
  • How will the results change or modify the treatment plans?
  • How long should it take to receive the results? Should I call you or will you call me? 

My Treatment(s)

  • What are the treatment options for my condition?
  • You’ve recommended a specific treatment. Why is this one best for me?
  • Is there any research on the relative effectiveness of this treatment? What were its conclusions?
  • Are their new studies or research being carried out on treatments for my condition?
  • What is your previous experience with this treatment? What can I expect?
  • Are there any alternative treatments I should explore before or in concert with the recommended treatment? 

New Medication 

  • What are the side effects of the prescribed medication(s)?
  • Are there side-effects?
  • Will taking them put me at risk of dangerous interaction(s) with alcohol, caffeine, other drugs or supplements?

I Have to Change My Lifestyle

  • How will making these modifications help me with my condition?
  • When can I expect to see the desired effect?
  • Some of these changes seem drastic. Do you have any suggestions on how I can more easily make them a part of my daily routine?

Your Longeviti Health physician is your partner. They have the the time necessary to answer your questions in depth and research treatment options for you. They identify and engage on your behalf with specialists who have special knowledge and expertise in your condition. They are your health advocate.

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