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Will The Longeviti Personalized Care And Enhanced Services Model Work For Me And My Patients?

Before anything else, Longeviti will perform a detailed demographic and psychographic evaluation of your practice and patients. Next, we will conduct a thorough survey of your patient panel to determine, with a high degree of accuracy, which model is the best fit for your practice. We do not charge anything for the evaluation or survey and you are under no obligation to move forward with us.

Throughout the transition process, Longeviti will monitor your conversion progress to ensure the most successful outcome possible. We will work directly with you, your staff and your patients as our personnel oversee and implement the patient acquisition and marketing strategies we’ve designed specifically for your practice. Following the transition, we will continue to support you and will provide you with the ability to offer your patients additional enhanced services designed to improve your practice’s revenue and your patient’s satisfaction.

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Why Do I Need Longeviti?

Because Longeviti is only successful if our affiliated physicians are successful, our incentives are aligned. And while you can convert your traditional volume practice to a membership-based model on your own, undertaking a practice model transition involving thousands of patients while maintaining a full-time medical practice on your own is not only highly stressful but involves significant expense. Since you only get one chance to do it right, we bear the cost of the initial practice evaluation as well as the upfront investment to transition you into the model.

Longeviti offers you an in-depth evaluation and risk assessment in order to provide you with the data necessary to make a determination about which model is best suited to meet your needs and those of your patients. Once we agree to work together, members of our team will provide you with ongoing training and tools, operational, marketing, legal, technology and membership support services. Additional revenue generating service opportunities will be made available as well.

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Is Longeviti Different Than Concierge Medicine?

Yes. In addition to providing end-to-end personalized and preventative care services, Longeviti also offers physicians and their patients a full suite of medical services and solutions including telemedicine, anti-aging, health and wellness monitoring, and aesthetics.

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What Kind Of Physicians Can Longeviti Help?

Longeviti offers a number of solutions to physicians across multiple specialties. Since we customize our efforts to meet your unique business needs, please contact us directly to see how Longeviti can work with you to develop a solution that fits your needs and those of your patients.

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What Kind Of Patients Are Most Likely To Join Longeviti-Affiliated Practices?

In short, any patient that believes they could benefit from more personalized care or any of our other enhanced services is likely to join. This makes for a very large potential pool of prospective patients.The fact that you can offer conveniences not possible in traditional primary care practices and are more available when needed makes for a level of service patients genuinely appreciate.

Additionally, those patients who are interested in improving and maintaining their health and who appreciate your expertise and time, are highly motivated to join your practice.

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What Happens To Those Patients Who Don’t Join My Longeviti-Affiliated Practice?

This is directly determined by the practice model you choose to offer your patients. In most cases, no patient is required to leave your practice if they choose not to join the program.

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Why Choose The Longeviti Model Over The Traditional Volume Medicine Model?

Aside from the fact that our model allows you to spend more time with your patients, Longeviti also delivers end-to-end personalized care conversion services and provides consulting and implementation services to physicians interested in generating additional revenue. Utilizing novel digital marketing strategies, marketing automation, and custom CRM tools, Longeviti is equipped to offer physician practices the ability to convert patients to personalized care, develop and increase revenue opportunities, collect patient fees, and manage the recruitment and maintenance of patient-members.

At Longeviti we create solutions designed specifically to meet your personal and professional needs. We don’t simply evaluate your patient population or your experience, we also consider patient feedback as well as measure interest in other potential revenue-generating services and technologies. By listening to both you and your patients, we are able to develop and deliver a plan that really fits. With several practice modalities to choose from, no matter where you are in the life of your practice, we have a model that can work for you.

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Can The Longeviti Model Work For Group And Employed Practices?

Physicians in single and multi-specialty group and employed practices frequently work alongside their colleagues. Having a Longeviti-affiliated physician within a group gives patients additional choices for care and differentiates the group from its competitors. The group setting also provides patients the option to easily transition to other physicians in the practice should they choose not to join the program.

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Will I Get Lots Of Calls After Hours Or When I Go On Vacation?

In Longeviti-affiliated practices that allow more time for doctor-patient interaction, our physicians report light after hours/weekend/holiday call volume.

Physicians may continue to share call with a group or arrange coverage with other local Longeviti-affiliated doctors when they go on vacation. For acute care issues that don’t require emergency services, physicians adopting and utilizing our telemedicine platform can use the service to answer incoming patient inquiries when they are unavailable. All notes from these encounters are sent directly to your office.

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How Does Longeviti Work With Commercial Insurance And Medicare?

Unlike traditional concierge medicine or direct primary care models where physicians often opt out of insurance, the Longeviti program is compatible with Medicare and most commercial plans. Aside from the Longeviti Membership Amenities paid for by the annual patient membership fee, you will continue to collect co-pays and bill insurance for sick-care visits.

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