FAQs for Physicians

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Does My Age Matter?

Age is not the primary determinant of success with Longeviti. Fundamentally, the success of the Longeviti model relies more heavily on how established your practice is. As healthcare continues to change, we are finding that younger doctors value the financial security and predictability of the Longeviti model as well.

May 30, 2018 • Make

If I Only Plan To Practice A Few More Years, Why Should I Consider Longeviti?

Why not? If you’re thinking of retiring early because you’re burned-out, Longeviti can help extend your career. Longeviti’s Personalized Care and Enhanced Services Model offers physicians the ability to provide healthcare in an entirely new way. Developed to deliver enhanced services and improve the healthcare experience, our model also offers physicians a way to increase revenue, improve practice stability and sustainability, and maximize independence and intellectual satisfaction.

At Longeviti we create solutions designed specifically to meet your personal and professional needs. We don’t simply evaluate your patient population or your experience, we also consider patient feedback as well as measure interest in other potential revenue-generating services and technologies. By listening to both you and your patients, we are able to develop and deliver a plan that really fits. With several practice modalities to choose from, no matter where you are in the life of your practice, we have a model that can work for you.

May 30, 2018 • Make

What Happens When I Want To Retire?

Unlike traditional primary care where physicians are retiring early and receive very little compensation for their practices. WIth the enhanced services they offer, Longeviti-affiliated physicians have turned their practices into valuable assets. When the time is right, Longeviti can help you monetize your practice and maximize its value by recruiting a candidate that you’ve helped select to acquire it. With the future well-being of your patients in good hands, you can retire with significant proceeds.

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